FLEX 2 is a hang gliding harness created in collaboration with the best flight instructors.

Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, FLEX 2 is the ideal harness both for first timers and for expert pilots with an easy flight vision, for which lightness and ease of use are more important than performance.



- Steel Austrialpin Delta Tropos karabiner with breaking load 3200 kg
- Custom made
- Side parachute container
- Protective vest (for hard landings or landing on wheels)
- Variable set-up with jam cleat on shoulder
- Front removable zipper with Velcro
- Weight including transport rucksack 5.8 kg
- DHV test no. GS-03-118-03
- Large internal pocket for storing the rucksack and the hang glider bag with separate compartment for camel-bak
- Storage pocket behind the emergency parachute
- Radio and camera pocket on the side opposite the parachute
- Built-in container for braking parachute (braking parachute optional)
- Fibreglass support boards, separated for increased flexibility
- Aerotow and ground tow loops
- Replaceable foot rest protection

Protective vest For hard landings or landing on wheels

Variable set-up with jam cleat on shoulder

Side parachute container
Radio and camera pocket on the side opposite the parachute

A two-seater version is also available:

- PVC removable front cover for landings on wheels
- Larger parachute container
- Handles for the passenger to remain solidly connected to the pilot
- Aerodynamic plastic footrests that can be used as a container

Sistema recco

Il rilevatore RECCO® emette un segnale radar paragonabile al raggio di luce di una torcia.

Quando il segnale radar colpisce il riflettore RECCO®, questo lo rimanda al rilevatore e indica al soccorritore la strada per raggiungere la vittima.