MK1 pro is designed and engineered for acro without compromising safety.

It is the result of a development process that lasted over 3 years involving professional base jumpers and some of the best acro pilots in the world.

Here are some of its features:

  • Available in 2 sizes (M-L)
  • Base release system with 3 rings
  • One base parachute container
  • Two rescue parachute compartments
  • 13 cm foam protection
  • 9 liter back pocket (Size M)
  • Waterproof smartphone pocket
  • Two large side pockets
  • Acro-optimized geometry
  • Maximum comfort thanks to its semi-rigid structure
  • Top quality materials


Base release system with 3 rings

The 3-ring system has been used in skydiving since the 1980s.
It allows the pilot to detach from the main canopy by opening a base jumping parachute.
The use of this system adapted to the paragliding significantly increases safety, reducing opening times.

Double rescue parachute

MK1 pro is equipped with two containers for the reserve parachute placed under the seat, in the front on the left and right.
under the seat, in the front on the right and on the left.
It is compatible with any rescue parachute designed for paragliding.
MK1 pro comes complete with four parachute deployment handles


Watertight pocket
9 liter pocket
Side pockets
MK1 pro
 Type of protection
Foam 13cm
Foam 13cm
 Type of closing strap system
T-Lock system
T-Lock system
 Number of certification
 Max peak of impact
gr 40,34
gr 40,34
 Speed bar included
gr 120
gr 120
 Pilot height
m 1,68 - 1,81
m 1,79 - 1,90
 Total weight
7,7 Kg
8,6 Kg
 Distance between karabiner and seat
cm 49
cm 52
 Distance between carabiners
cm 42-55
cm 42-55
 Seat board measurement
315.00 mm X 389.66 mm
335.48 mm X 414.99 mm
*Harness weight including carabiners.



Sistema recco

Il rilevatore RECCO® emette un segnale radar paragonabile al raggio di luce di una torcia.

Quando il segnale radar colpisce il riflettore RECCO®, questo lo rimanda al rilevatore e indica al soccorritore la strada per raggiungere la vittima.