The Wanì light has been one of our best-selling harnesses ever, thanks to all the feedback and constructive criticism you have sent us we could successfully come up with its all-round improved successor equipped as follows:

Here are some of its features:

  • New extra stable frame geometry.
  • Improved size system for added comfort.
  • New and more comfortable seatback.
  • Two new colour combinations
  • Enlarged built-in parachute container under the seat.
  • Bigger and revamped built-in rucksack
  • Optional Lightshield back protection
  • Complete with Two-step speed bar
  • Rigid polypropylene seat
Wanì light 2
LTF with GET-UP system
LTF with GET-UP system
LTF with GET-UP system
LTF with GET-UP system
Type of protection
Type of closing strap system
Number of certification
Speed bar included
gr 120
gr 120
gr 120
gr 120
kg 2,6
kg 2,75
kg 2,9
kg 3,2
Pilot height
m < 1,72
m 1,69 - 1,81
m 1,78 - 1,90
m > 1,87
Removable rucksack hip belt weight
gr 116
gr 127
gr 141
gr 141
Distance between karabiner and seat
cm 43
cm 45
cm 47
cm 48
Distance between carabiners
cm 36-47
cm 36-48
cm 36-49
cm 36-49,5
Seat board rear measurement
cm 33,5
cm 35
cm 37
cm 38
Seat board front measurement
cm 30,5
cm 32
cm 34
cm 34,5
Seat board depth measurement
cm 34,7
cm 36,5
cm 38,5
cm 39,5
Rucksack volume
lt 80
lt 88
lt 98
lt 102
Rescue container
lt 4,6
lt 4,6
lt 4,6
lt 5,3
* The total weight also includes the carabiners and the parachute launch bag

Redesigned rucksack to guarantee comfort even after hours of walking!

The reversibility system is the same as the Wanì light 1 with an independent rucksack in its own rear pocket.

• New rucksack shape and capacity
• Removable rucksack hip belt
• Its breathable padding on the back and on the
• Shoulder straps increases the comfort
• Ergonomic shoulder straps
• Adjustable to meet your needs
• Camelbak pocket
• Easy Camelbak installation
• Extra space inside the rucksack for your hike & fly equipment
• External helmet storage

Rucksack features


Weighing just 2.7 kg, the simplicity and comfort of the WANì LIGHT 2 in flight will amaze you.

• Exceptional comfort: Thanks to its rigid polypropylene seat and back to better distribute your weight over a wider surface.
• Very easy handling in flight: We made the Wanì light 2 even more fun to fly than its predecessor by improving both its stability and precision and it suits both beginners and expert pilots thanks to its flowing handling.
We managed to do that by changing its webbing system and by adding more adjustment possibilities, the result is outstanding.
• Safety without compromise The Wanì light 2 airbag is just as light as its predecessor but its offers more protection and a quicker inflation that ensure maximum safety from the take off.

Harness features

Innovative safety system

The emergency parachute container under the seat is designed for a maximum 5 lt volume suitable for most emergency chutes.

The rescue compartment has been redesigned to reduce its thickness and to favour the stowage of the glider into the harness rucksack. The Wanì light 2 has it specific deployment bag attached to the rescue handle.

Two colour combinations

Blue and orange

Blue and light blue

Sistema recco

Il rilevatore RECCO® emette un segnale radar paragonabile al raggio di luce di una torcia.

Quando il segnale radar colpisce il riflettore RECCO®, questo lo rimanda al rilevatore e indica al soccorritore la strada per raggiungere la vittima.