CHARLY Vitesse

The CHARLY Vitesse is an extremely lightweight paragliding Hike & Fly helmet that can be equipped with a visor. 3 helmet shell sizes, replaceable inlays and the integrated headband adjustment allow precise adaptation to a wide variety of head shapes and sizes, while keeping the helmet dimensions as small as possible. Thanks to special inlays available as accessories, even the under- and oversizes XS and XXXL can be covered.
● Helmet and visor are certified according to the latest EN966 standard for air sports helmets.
● Remarkably lightweight, inmold construction: From 380 g!
● Unique size range: 3 helmet shell sizes with fine adjustment of the headband and replaceable inlays guarantee a
● secure and comfortable fit for all head shapes and sizes from XS to XXXL.
● Effectively ventilated, exchangeable and washable fabric inlay
● Pressure-free, removable and washable ear pads
● Good protection of the forehead, without limiting the field of vision
● All sizes can be equipped with visor and ski goggle retainer
Base sizes & weights: S/M = 380 g, M/L = 430 g, XL/XXL = 480 g (Size XL/XXL only in white/pearl available)
Description Suit head circumference Compatible with base size Foam thickness
Special XS 53 - 55 cm S/M 12mm
Special for narrow head shape 54 - 56 cm S/M 9mm
Base S/M 55 - 58* cm S/M 6mm
Base M/L 58* - 62 cm M/L 12mm
Base XL/XXL 61 - 64 cm XL/XXL 9mm

CHARLY Vitesse visor

Vitesse visor features:
● Suitable for spectacle wearers
● Large field of vision, high optical quality, distortion-free
● 100% UV protection (UVA + UVB)
● Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating on the outside, antifog coating on the inside
● Steplessly adjustable, tightly closing at the upper edge
● Reduces air resistance and protects the eyes
● Safe, as it is break-proof, elastic and flexible
● Quick and easy installation and removal
● Weight only 34 g!
● Available in 3 colors: gray tinted, brown tinted, mirrored; light tint (filter category 1) to ensure good vision even in low light conditions
● The visors fit for all helmet sizes

Sistema recco

Il rilevatore RECCO® emette un segnale radar paragonabile al raggio di luce di una torcia.

Quando il segnale radar colpisce il riflettore RECCO®, questo lo rimanda al rilevatore e indica al soccorritore la strada per raggiungere la vittima.